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on Train back to Austria

recorded the sink inside my compartment you can hear the train throught he pipes..  somewhere between poland and austria

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Poland – Kwidzyn – Spichlerz

in a bar called Spichlerz (in Kwidzyn, Poland)  a guy horribly playing covers of bands like nirvana… and “californication” (red hot chilly peppers) hehe

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Poland – Gdansk – TV set and snorring

polish tv set and someone brushing teeth – someone snoring

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Poland – Gdynia – traffic light (for blind people)

tones of traffic light with accoustic signs for blind people

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Poland – Gdansk – Brass Band

small brass band playing for the people in their houses. lots of wind uhhh

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Poland – Gdansk – Breadshop

in a small bread shop in gdansk. at 0:40 and 1:15 you can hear a machine that cuts a whole bread into slices

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Poland – Train travel to Soppot

dull sounding trainride to suppot mobile phone tones + music

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Poland – Soppot- Seaside

walk on footbridge of soppot. birds, water, boats, …

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Poland – Gdansk – Church

recording inside of St. Mary’s Church, Gdansk churchbell

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Poland – Gdansk – rainy road

walking on a small road, raindrops, people talk

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