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Werner Kitzmüller, Meaghan Burke & Simon Usaty: “Shmear”

Werner Kitzmüller in concert @Ida Nowhere Performed by Werner Kitzmüller, Meaghan Burke & Simon Usaty. Written by David Schweighart (Music) and Meaghan Burke (Lyrics)

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Christmas atmosphere in Vienna

nice clash of the surounding music and Susan Phiipsz’ “Die Internationale”

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Rainy Noisy Backyard

one more backyard recording with rain, braking glass, music, crying people … 2# file @ min 1:23 loud & distorted thunderstorm !

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Austria – Heuriger / Wine Tavern

In a wine tavern (Heuriger) in Eggenburg (Waldviertel, Niederösterreich). people drinking and eating to wonderful music

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Berlin – courtyard with different kinds of music

in a courtyard on boxhagener strasse. one flat was listing to some “techo” music – one guy in another flat was playing the mouth organ. all other windows were closed.

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Athens – Subway

#1 someone listing to some music on his mobile phone in the subway #2 kitschy music in athens subway stations #3 subway ride, train leaving, announcment “next station syntagma”, #4 subway station: people talking

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