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Subway ride in Lisboa

Subway ride in Lisboa with the blue line. humming and basy train sounds with plastic crackels of the grabrails.

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L1 subway crazy signal-tones

The warn-signal before closing the doors of the subway makes some crazy noises in between the “beeps”.

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Barcelona – L1 subway ride from Colt to Catalunya

At Barcelona Subway L1 Colt waiting for the train. Getting in. At station Marina (4:40) a street musician gets in an plays some really kitschy tunes on a panflute accompanied by some playback. wow.    

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Istanbul Metro M4 ride to Kadıköy

Metro ride in the modern line M4 to Kadıköy Istanbul.

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Stockholm Metro T13

Recording on a metro ride in Stockholm from Slussen to Fittja.

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Berlin – sound of advertisment

in some subway stations there are some new billboards, that change content every 5 seconds. this is how it sounds. while i was recording this with the H4, some people came and asked if this is a device to adjust […]

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Athens – Subway

#1 someone listing to some music on his mobile phone in the subway #2 kitschy music in athens subway stations #3 subway ride, train leaving, announcment “next station syntagma”, #4 subway station: people talking

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Paris – Subway Tones

subway warn signals from paris

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Paris – Subway

#1 subway halls, people, announcment, “i’m very lost here” #2 chattering doors #3 men talking, keys, signals, announcment, noise, noise #4 subway, clanking, people, noise, door closing, leaving the train, exit #5 beautiful tones from subway

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Paris Subway

#1 subway ride woman + child talking warn-signals train leaves sliding noises Champs-Élysées #2  subway ride wind

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