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Sweden – Malmö – Supermarket

shopping expedition in a huge supermarket in malmö near our hostel. (Stadiongatan/Trelleborgsvägan) hear talking TV sets, humming of a multideck cabinet, …

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Sweden – Malmö – Indian Dance Lesson

after visiting an exibition there was an indian dance lesson on a small stage. you can hear the rain trickling on my hood.

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Sweden – Malmö – hostel expedition

expedition the hostel we lived in (the hostel was the same price as a caravan on a campsite)

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Sweden – Malmö – Park

we found another funny thing while Malmö Festival. people drinking beer

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Sweden – Malmö – Jan Cardell – “wood”

“Malmö Festival” took place, during the time we were in Malmö. lots of things going on… in the Park we found a sound-installation by Jan Cardell “Wood”

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Sweden – Malmö – Sea recording

recording of the sea and waves on  malmö beach. i knew – that with h4’s microphones it will be – just WIND. (it was really windy there) but i thought this is kind of romantic.

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Sweden – malmö museum – toilet

in side the (really big) malmö museum. a fake toilet was setup — a sqeaking door and talking people (in swedish). the athmophere and sound of the voices were so strange.  first i just wanted to record the door…but than […]

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Sweden – Malmö – toilet door

closing the door in a indian restaurant in malmö made two tones, but they do not sound very well on this recording. also included: toilet flush

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