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Herbstliche Wildenten Versammlung im Oderbruch / Autumnal Wild ducks gathering in Oderbruch

Every year im automn all the wild ducks meet on the fields of Oderbruch to discuss where to go for winter holidays. At the point of recording there have been two big groups. One going to africa – the other […]

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Trees in Wiener Prater and lots of other sounds…

Found a strange spot in the prater; ivy growing up nearly to the top of the trees. you can hear ravens around. creaking of trees,  the wind and the noise of cars from Autobahn A23 (and some GSM/mobilephone sounds ).

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More Arctic Terns …

also recorded in Arnarstapi on Snæfellsnes. on this recording you can here a traction engine getting closer and closer … got the failure ? the pictures do not belong to these recordings …

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More Arctic Terns at the nice coffee, book, smallthings store/house in Arnarstapi on Snæfellsnes

two recordings from Arnarstapi one near the coast with lots of crazy arctic terns around. at the end i nearly got attacked by one arctic tern. the other recording is done right in front of a nice shop having coffee, bottles […]

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Breakfast in Heydalur with a parrot

Breakfast in the really nice guesthouse in heydalur. They got a parrot there. (you can find a picture on their homepage: en.heydalur.is It did not talk while i was recording, before it says something like “crazy you..”

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Arctic Terns on Flatey (Breiðafjörður)

There were lots of aggresive arctic tern at flatey (Breiðafjörður), that kick you in your head, if you get to close to their breeding area

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Poland – Soppot- Seaside

walk on footbridge of soppot. birds, water, boats, …

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Poland – Gdansk – rainy road

walking on a small road, raindrops, people talk

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Poland – Gdansk seeside

walking on the footbrdige near gdansk. birds, snow and ice under my feet water and waves.

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Athens- (Pet) Birdshop

Petshop with lots of birds on Athinas road. it was more like a shop for birds only.

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