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Inside the Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

A recording inside the Basilica Cistern, Istanbul. First recording: water drops falling from the ceiling; a group of tourists surprisingly screaming and lots of voices echoing. On the second recording you can hear a muezzin from outside echoing inside the big […]

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Istanbul Metro M4 ride to Kadıköy

Metro ride in the modern line M4 to Kadıköy Istanbul.

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unsettled digestion

two persons with stomach flu an unsettled intestinal tract a crying baby a ticking clock a washing machine heart beats and rustling

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Singing Nightrain EN477

An old Hungarian nighttrain EN 477 from Berlin to Vienna is singing its passenger to sleep.

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Escalator symphony #2

found another Escalator Syphony at Berlin Südkreuz. Same train station, pretty close sound, but another escelator.. (Sorry, recorded with wind in the mics ….) Listen: Escalator symphony #2  

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Double TV advertisement in danish supermarket

In Løkken, in a Supermarket 2 TVs facing each other and blowing our advertisement … you do not understand one of them. and loud humming of a beer refrigerator. Løkken a small town. full of tourists. Løkken like a typical seaside resort. full of trash-tourist […]

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Breakfast in Guesthouse Eldá around Myvatn

Recording of a typical breakfast scenario in Guesthouse Eldà in Reykjahlid. You can hear corny music, chewing noises, clattering of crockery all wrapped in the athmosphere of a home for the elderly.

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Stomach & Bowel sounds from Seyðisfjörður

Recording of my stomach & bowel parts the days after having to much beer at Skaftfell. Thanks to Richard for his company in the HI Hostel of Seyðisfjörður.

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Creaking wooden floor in a shop “Flora”

A really nice creaking wooden floor and talking people in a charming shop called “Flora” ( in Akureyri.

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Intense cat purring

A very close recording of Lalobe (a cat) while she was very intensely purring

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