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Brass Quintet on the streets of Trento

Walking down the Via Guiseppe Mazzini in Trento, there was a brass band – the Alioth Brass Quintet – playing whats happening in the recording:walking down the shopping road – with music far away and getting closer and closer, people […]

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Subway ride in Lisboa

Subway ride in Lisboa with the blue line. humming and basy train sounds with plastic crackels of the grabrails.

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“Listen” (view) from a hostel window close to Praça do rossio

Audible view from a window of the Lisbon Story Guesthouse. people, cars, soft city sounds.   If you visit Lisboa, have a look at Get in contact!

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L1 subway crazy signal-tones

The warn-signal before closing the doors of the subway makes some crazy noises in between the “beeps”.

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Skaters on the square at MACBA, Barcelona

Lots of skateboarders in front of the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani) in Barcelona

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Barcelona – L1 subway ride from Colt to Catalunya

At Barcelona Subway L1 Colt waiting for the train. Getting in. At station Marina (4:40) a street musician gets in an plays some really kitschy tunes on a panflute accompanied by some playback. wow.    

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Condensed water dropping on soil and plastic

Nice reflections of water drops inside a green house.

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Two jarring metal plates

inside the greenhouse, two metal plates scratching each other when some wind says hello. Result is a bi-tonal jarring. from 3.20 it is played by human. Really really wired: every 3 seconds there’s a sub-sub wave. Don’t know where this is […]

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Schleiereule im alten Trafoturm

Im Sommer immer ab ca. 22 Uhr zu hören die Schleiereule (oder der Drache von Basta) wie sie ihre Runden dreht und im Trafoturm dann zur Ruhe kommt…

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Singing Nightrain EN477

An old Hungarian nighttrain EN 477 from Berlin to Vienna is singing its passenger to sleep.

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