binaural city h4 music outside voice(s)

Brass Quintet on the streets of Trento

Walking down the Via Guiseppe Mazzini in Trento, there was a brass band – the Alioth Brass Quintet – playing

whats happening in the recording:
walking down the shopping road – with music far away and getting closer and closer, people talking, cars, humming, glasses, mobile phone noises, bikes driving by
1:10 song ends, but somebody touched the recorder
1:30 they finished playing, applause, more quite, quite people, talking sneezing, bikes
2:15 wind (arg)
2:20 they start an new song. (from far away) me getting closer.
4:22 nice stops, the song ends, applause. people talking, bike sounds,
5:04 a dog barks
5:10 (far far away) the band starts a news song. car noises, a bus,
5:40 CUT / and the band starts a new song
6:25 song finished, applause, people talking.
6:45 trolley suitcase
7:10 band starts a new song, quite close, bike passing by.
wow. nice recording
8:40 me slowly moving away (sound changes) with winds (ui)
9:26 a trolley suitcase again.
music fades out, while walking away. cars