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Two Muezzins, Nuruosmaniye Mosque Istanbul

More Muezzins singing. recorded in a pedestrian area. less cars, some people and the humming of the city. Recorded on Nuru Osmaniye Caddesi heading Nuruosmaniye Mosque. (sorry some wind/bass happening near 2:30)

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Inside the Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

A recording inside the Basilica Cistern, Istanbul. First recording: water drops falling from the ceiling; a group of tourists surprisingly screaming and lots of voices echoing. On the second recording you can hear a muezzin from outside echoing inside the big […]

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Tramride in Istanbul, T1 to Sultanahmet

Beautiful groaning, agitating and creaking of lots of plastic and people inside the tram T1 to Sultanahmet in Istanbul.  

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Walk on İstiklal Caddesi at night

Nightly walk on Istanbuls İstiklal Caddesi. People, street musicians, road sweeper, music from shops, …

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Istanbul Metro M4 ride to Kadıköy

Metro ride in the modern line M4 to Kadıköy Istanbul.

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Two alternating muezzins from Yeni Valide Mosque and Selmanağa Cami

Two muezzins singing alternately. one from Yeni Valide Mosque the other from Selmanağa Cami in Istanbul; Asian side of Istanbul, just beside the ferry at Üsküdar. If you listen close, there is a really quite third muezzin.    

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Walk on İstiklal Caddesi

Two recordings on one of Istanbuls main shopping road İstiklal Caddesi. People talking, music from shop, the nostalgic tramway etc… But if i would have known that at the same time, there was a demonstration against the new legislation tightening control of […]

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