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Trees in Wiener Prater and lots of other sounds…

Found a strange spot in the prater; ivy growing up nearly to the top of the trees. you can hear ravens around. creaking of trees,  the wind and the noise of cars from Autobahn A23 (and some GSM/mobilephone sounds ).

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very unstressed saxophone player at Wien Landstraße on 11. September in Vienna.

11. september. in front of Hilton Vienna, beside a big construction your. nobody on the road. just an old likeable saxophone player slim as a tree and an old confused woman not sure if she belongs to him, or if she […]

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Vienna – construction site

buzzing of a construction site on the road embroided with beautiful overtones

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Vienna – Millenium City

crazy stuff going on here

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Vienna – Bus Ride 13A (near Neubaugasse)

bus ride in vienna on line 13A near Neubaugasse talking people

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Vienna – door closing

some jaring door beeing closed. recorded with ergo

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Vienna – Bisamberg

running around on the bisamberg, we found this behind a door to a wine-cellar. maria mariamaria maria maria….

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Vienna – UNO – working people

recorded in the entrance hall of the UNO, vienna. people mounting and moving stuff on the floor

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Vienna – Prater

sound-hunting with gerhard schwoiger in wiener prater. see more pictures at soundhunting homepage #1 hounted house ride #2 hounted house adversiment #3 gambling den

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