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Herbstliche Wildenten Versammlung im Oderbruch / Autumnal Wild ducks gathering in Oderbruch

Every year im automn all the wild ducks meet on the fields of Oderbruch to discuss where to go for winter holidays. At the point of recording there have been two big groups. One going to africa – the other […]

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Condensed water dropping on soil and plastic

Nice reflections of water drops inside a green house.

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Two jarring metal plates

inside the greenhouse, two metal plates scratching each other when some wind says hello. Result is a bi-tonal jarring. from 3.20 it is played by human. Really really wired: every 3 seconds there’s a sub-sub wave. Don’t know where this is […]

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Schleiereule im alten Trafoturm

Im Sommer immer ab ca. 22 Uhr zu hören die Schleiereule (oder der Drache von Basta) wie sie ihre Runden dreht und im Trafoturm dann zur Ruhe kommt…

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Plastic greenhouse in april weather

Stormy april weather inside a plastic greenhouse. The first recording is taken in the middle of the greenhouse. You can hear the plastic fluttering and the groaning of the metalbar construction. The second recording is much close on the plastic […]

Waterfall Goðafoss

Recording of the waterfall Goðafoss on the way from Myvatn to Akureyri.ðafoss

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Thermal water pipe in Mývatn

the end of a pipe where boiling waters blows out of a pipe into a blue-silver lake. possibily the recording i was really most afraid, because i was standing right above the pipe on the  tremoring bursting ground. It was […]

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(Construction of a the) sound sculpture: Tvísöngur

You can hear people building up the sound sculpture Tvísöngur by the German artist Lukas Kühne. (beautiful Seyðisfjörður, Iceland) Further links:

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Ristarhlið: Berufjörður Guesthouse/Hostel Berunes

The entrance road to the maybe nicest hostel on the island: Berunes – You hear a white Saab 9000 driving reverse gear and forward gear over the the Ristarhlið .  

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Ristarhlið: Berufjörður

This is the first recording in a series of Icelands Ristarhliðs. First i thought these grid gateways are used to close down a road in winter, when it is not drivable, by completely removing them – so cars can not pass. […]

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