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Ristarhlið: Berufjörður

This is the first recording in a series of Icelands Ristarhliðs.

First i thought these grid gateways are used to close down a road in winter, when it is not drivable, by completely removing them – so cars can not pass. But later on our journey i was put right … the Ristarhliðs are used to stop sheep from waking from one side of to the other.

What you will hear on the following recordings (tagged with Ristarhlið), is some car driving over these metall drill pipes. All recordings are made with the Zoom H4 internal microphones. As you can see on the picture, the recording device is always placed close beside the object of this study, covered with a woolen hat, to keep the wind away (maybe not the best wind-braker, as you will here…).

Lots of wind in the microphone and short approach, and i do not remember the exact place …

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