binaural city machine sound noise outside

The Sound of Gentrification and a Müllstierler

It is coming to an end soon. The Sound of Gentriciation has been heard all over Neukölln and all Dielenböden have been abgezogen bei young incurred people.

But specially on this recording a Müllstierler (Menschen welche in den Mülltonnen nach etwas verwertbaren suchen) in the paper-waste.

Two recordings:

  • running down the stairs with slipper. Small maschine stops and the big gentriciation-maschine surprisingly takes over. Conclusion: no-professional workers: after turning off the maschine, they release the sand paper on the floor.
  • gentrification sound above on the 4th floor. on the left hand-side a Müllstierler checking out the paper-waste.

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