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Werner Kitzmüller, Meaghan Burke & Simon Usaty: “Shmear”

Werner Kitzmüller in concert @Ida Nowhere Performed by Werner Kitzmüller, Meaghan Burke & Simon Usaty. Written by David Schweighart (Music) and Meaghan Burke (Lyrics)

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Republic111 @FEED

Republic111 concert as part of concerts by Society for Nontrivial Pursuits @FEED on Friday, 11th of May 2012.

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The Sound of Gentrification and a Müllstierler

It is coming to an end soon. The Sound of Gentriciation has been heard all over Neukölln and all Dielenböden have been abgezogen bei young incurred people. But specially on this recording a Müllstierler (Menschen welche in den Mülltonnen nach etwas […]

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