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Condensed water dropping on soil and plastic

Nice reflections of water drops inside a green house.

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Trees in Wiener Prater and lots of other sounds…

Found a strange spot in the prater; ivy growing up nearly to the top of the trees. you can hear ravens around. creaking of trees,  the wind and the noise of cars from Autobahn A23 (and some GSM/mobilephone sounds ).

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Construction site on “Revaler Spitz” Berlin/Friedrichshain

Construction site on the so-called “Revaler Spitz” in Berlin/Friedrichshain on Simplon Straße / Haasestraße. You can hear the (ground)water in tubes and pipes that is beeing pumped out of construction site and some cars driving in the back on the […]

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Berlin Ostkreuz (the new one)

recording 01: S-Bahn ride to Ostkreuz with announcement (including “passanger traveling to schönefeld airport, please change here”) Getting out of the S-Bahn on the lower platform (sorry some noises on the mics), train leaving the plaform, standing the the stairs half way […]

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Two jarring metal plates

inside the greenhouse, two metal plates scratching each other when some wind says hello. Result is a bi-tonal jarring. from 3.20 it is played by human. Really really wired: every 3 seconds there’s a sub-sub wave. Don’t know where this is […]

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Schleiereule im alten Trafoturm

Im Sommer immer ab ca. 22 Uhr zu hören die Schleiereule (oder der Drache von Basta) wie sie ihre Runden dreht und im Trafoturm dann zur Ruhe kommt…

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Amusement hall in Międzyzdroje, Poland

Noisy machines and nice sounding tablehockey in the amusement hall at Molo in Międzyzdroje, Poland


Plastic greenhouse in april weather

Stormy april weather inside a plastic greenhouse. The first recording is taken in the middle of the greenhouse. You can hear the plastic fluttering and the groaning of the metalbar construction. The second recording is much close on the plastic […]

Laughing witches on market in Praha

A bunch of witches which start laughing when there clapping sound happens. The person selling those things made a bubble of chewing gum burst to trigger the witches. Others things happening in this recording: a music box, old people talking, somebody playing […]

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Audible Street Signals in Praha

Praha got really nice analog sounding audible street signals for blinds. This recording has been done right next to Karlův most (Charles Bridge), Praha. You’ll also here some Hare Krishna guys singing in the background and lots of cars and tourists passing […]

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