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Berlin – Maybachufer Market – fruit and veg stall

about 3 men drowning each other on one fruit and vegetable stall  2 kilo – 1 euro

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Berlin – Maybachufer Market – Toys

on maybachufer market one stand was selling toys. your hear a singing girl in the pink swing. and street cleaner squeaking

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Berlin – courtyard with different kinds of music

in a courtyard on boxhagener strasse. one flat was listing to some “techo” music – one guy in another flat was playing the mouth organ. all other windows were closed.

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Berlin – sound of advertisment

in some subway stations there are some new billboards, that change content every 5 seconds. this is how it sounds. while i was recording this with the H4, some people came and asked if this is a device to adjust […]

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