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Athens – View from my hotelroom

view from the window of my hotelroom. your hear the aircondition fans (all night long) and some plate clanking from the kitchen. it was near omonoia square. i also had a blue neon light above my bed.  no need to […]

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Athens- (Pet) Birdshop

Petshop with lots of birds on Athinas road. it was more like a shop for birds only.

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Athens – Subway

#1 someone listing to some music on his mobile phone in the subway #2 kitschy music in athens subway stations #3 subway ride, train leaving, announcment “next station syntagma”, #4 subway station: people talking

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Athens – meat market

screaming butchers at the meat market in center of athens: Mercat Central d’Atenes (the picture was taken later that day)

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Athens – Walking down from Acropolis

walking down Apostolou Pavlou after visiting Acropolis #1 guitar player walk by strange voices at 0:36 #2 more people, guitar player + singer walk by

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Athens – Noisy Interphone

walking around in the centre i found an interphone on the entrance to a house, that made that nice noises. moving around created the phasing effect.

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